Welcome to my travel blog.  World travel has been my ambition for a long while now, and when an opportunity to hit the pause button on ‘real life’ came about I had to hit it firmly.  On the 6th of April 2016, I set off from my home town of Huddersfield in West Yorkshire and embarked on an epic journey (or at least in my mind it is).

My trip is open ended and its quite an exciting prospect.  I have a current idea in my mind of what this trip will be, but I’m hoping I can go for as long as possible.  This is how my current itinerary stands.  I travelled from Heathrow, London to Russia.  I’ve already taken in St Petersburg, Moscow and Irkutsk.  I’ve crossed the border into Mongolia and, at the time of this writing, am sat in the centre of Ulaanbataar, Mongolia’s capital city.  I’ll be heading in to China to take in Beijing and Shanghai, and from there in to Japan.  Japan will lead to Hong Kong, which will lead to Fiji and end with stops in New Zealand and Australia.  South East Asia is on the back burner for now but fingers crossed.

In writing this blog I hope to give people a flavour of the things I’ve been up to in the hope it will inspire others to travel, or give seasoned travellers ideas of where to go next!  It’s also pretty useful for keeping the friends and family informed too.

Hope you enjoy the reads!



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